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The story of Teen Molly 19 and her first experience of sex with an older lesbian sales woman in the ladies dressing room of a department store.

"May I help you dear," the middle aged sales lady asked as Molly was checking out a rack full of brightly colored bikinis!!! "Uh, yes, please," Molly replied, "I need a new suit and I was just looking to see if any of these were my size!!!" The lady looked her over for a second and said, Follow me, please," Molly dutifully trailed along until they stopped by a large display of quite attractive suits in the rear of the store!!! "After you've selected three or four," the lady offered, "you can try them on over there in the dressing room!!!" Molly thanked her, and after about fifteen minutes she had found three models that she wished to try on!!! She was just entering a vacant dressing room, when much to her surprise, the sales lady slipped in behind her and closed the door behind them!!! "What are you doing in here," Molly demanded, "I'm quite capable of trying them on by myself!?!" The old lady smiled softly, and in a gentle tone replied, "I know you can, dear, I just wanted to help you out, don't worry, I do this all of the time!!! A second ago she had been a little hot under the collar, but after hearing the almost lilting voice of the sales lady reassuring her, Molly lost all of her resolve and began slipping out of her tee shirt and jeans!!!
"My you have a cute body," the lady offered when Molly got down to her bra and panties,

"here, let me help you with the catches on your bra!!!" Molly couldn't believe this was happening, but without offering any protest, she allowed the old lady to unhook her bra and let it slip easily off of her shoulders!!! All at once it felt very cool in the little room, and naturally Molly's nipples stood hard at attention as the old woman looked on approvingly!!! Molly picked up a bikini bottom and was about to put it on when the lady asked, "Aren't you going to take off your panties!?!" "Well, uh, you're not suppose to," Molly stammered, "you're supposed to keep them on when you try on pants or shorts!!!" "That's usually the case," the woman replied, "but I think this time we can make an exception, and you really can't see how the suit looks if you have your panties sticking out everywhere!!!". What the hell was going on here, anyway, but almost like a robot under the control of an outside source. Molly dutifully slid off her panties leaving her shivering in the middle of the room naked !!! The lady eyed her with more than a casual interest, and in a very soft husky voice asked, "Does your vagina always bulge out like that!?!" Molly looked down between her legs, but she really didn't have to, because she already knew what she would find there, and that was a damp pussy that was just inches from total arousal!!!

When Molly didn't reply, incredibly, the woman almost casually reached out and let her finger begin probing Molly's now dripping vagina!!! "As a low gurgling moan came softly from Molly's throat the woman responded, "My gosh, you're absolutely dripping, when's the last time you climaxed!?!" Molly's head was spinning like a top, but through the sexually induced haze that clouded around her she managed to reply, "Uh, it was a week ago, I think, no, maybe five days, I-I'm not sure!!!" "Well," the lady replied, "that is much too long between cums for a healthy one like you, and we're going to have do something about that!!!" As the sales clerk was gently fingering Molly's sopping wet pussy , she asked in very husky broken voice, "Do you know what I like doing to cute girls like you!?!" "No," Molly gasped as the insistent finger brushed over her red hot clit, "t-tell me, what do you do!!!" "Well, the first thing I do is get them naked, just like I did you," she replied sweetly, "and then I usually finger them to an orgasm, but in your case I'm not going to do that!!!" "Oh, god," Molly moaned, "w-why won't you let me cum, I'm so close and it feels so gooood!?!" "I didn't say that I wasn't going to let you cum," she replied casually, "what I said was that I wasn't going to use my finger!!!" "W-what are you going to use," Molly gasped!?! "Hmmmm, I'm not sure," the lady replied, "how about my mouth, would you like me to get down on my knees and use my mouth on your open vagina!?!"

Her legs had become like strands of spaghetti, and just the thought of this brazen sales lady drinking from her vagina was enough to make her collapse back onto the seat with her legs spread in an open invitation to suck her off!!! "I'll take that as a yes," she said softly while staring at Molly's overly developed organ, "do you think your vagina is ready for me!?!" "With her eyes about to roll back into her head, Molly mumbled, "P-please, do me now, I can't stand waiting another second!!!" As the lady dropped to her knees and positioned herself between Molly's trim thighs , she asked softly, "Do you have a boy friend, dear?!?" "Yes," Molly moaned, "I have a boy friend!!!" "Do you let him put his penis inside of your vagina," the woman asked softly?!? "God, yes," she gasped, "he fucks me two or three times a week!!!" After giving Molly's pussy a long deep French kiss, the woman pulled away and asked, "Is he big, I mean does he have a large penis!?!" "H-he's fucking huge," Molly blubbered, "I love it when he rides me!!!" "Is he as good as this," the woman asked just before devouring Molly's needy organ!?! "Oh, christ alive," Molly groaned, "oh, yes, do me right there, you know just where to suck it, don't you!?!" "Of course I do," the woman whispered, "all of you sweet ladies have the most sensitive clits I've ever seen, and yours seems to be the most sensitive of all!!!" Read On ...

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