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19 Yrs Old Molly 's First Time Lesbo Experience !!

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"My you have a cute body," the lady offered when Molly got down to her bra and panties , "here, let me help you with the catches on your bra!!!" Molly couldn't believe this was happening, but without offering any protest, she allowed the old lady to unhook her bra and let it slip easily off of her shoulders!!! All at once it felt very cool in the little room, and naturally Molly's nipples stood hard at attention as the old woman looked on approvingly!!! Molly picked up a bikini bottom and was about to put it on when the lady asked, "Aren't you going to take off your panties!?!" "Well, uh, you're not suppose to," Molly stammered, "you're supposed to keep them on when you try on pants or shorts!!!" "That's usually the case," the woman replied, "but I think this time we can make an exception, and you really can't see how the suit looks if you have your panties sticking out everywhere!!!". What the hell was going on here, anyway, but almost like a robot under the control of an outside source.


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