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19 Yrs Old Molly 's First Time Lesbo Experience !!

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Molly dutifully slid off her panties leaving her shivering in the middle of the room naked !!! The lady eyed her with more than a casual interest, and in a very soft husky voice asked, "Does your vagina always bulge out like that!?!" Molly looked down between her legs, but she really didn't have to, because she already knew what she would find there, and that was a damp pussy that was just inches from total arousal!!! When Molly didn't reply, incredibly, the woman almost casually reached out and let her finger begin probing Molly's now dripping vagina!!! "As a low gurgling moan came softly from Molly's throat the woman responded, "My gosh, young lady, you're absolutely dripping, when's the last time you climaxed!?!" Molly's head was spinning like a top, but through the sexually induced haze that clouded around her she managed to reply, "Uh, it was a week ago, I think, no, maybe five days, I-I'm not sure!!!" "Well," the lady replied, "that is much to long between cums for a healthy young lady like you, and we're going to have do something about that!!!"


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