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19 Yrs Old Molly 's First Time Lesbo Experience !!

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As the sales clerk was gently fingering Molly's sopping wet pussy , she asked in very husky broken voice, "Do you know what I like doing to cute girls like you!?!" "No," Molly gasped as the insistent finger brushed over her red hot clit, "t-tell me, what do you do!!!" "Well, the first thing I do is get them naked, just like I did you," she replied sweetly, "and then I usually finger them to an orgasm, but in your case I'm not going to do that!!!" "Oh, god," Molly moaned, "w-why won't you let me cum, I'm so close and it feels so gooood!?!" "I didn't say that I wasn't going to let you cum," she replied casually, "what I said was that I wasn't going to use my finger!!!" "W-what are you going to use," Molly gasped!?! "Hmmmm, I'm not sure," the lady replied, "how about my mouth, would you like me to get down on my knees and use my mouth on your open vagina!?!" Her legs had become like strands of spaghetti, and just the thought of this brazen sales lady drinking from her vagina was enough to make her collapse back onto the seat with her legs spread in an open invitation to suck her off!!!


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