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19 Yrs Old Molly 's First Time Lesbo Experience !!

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"I'll take that as a yes," she said softly while staring at Molly's overly developed organ, "do you think your vagina is ready for me!?!" "With her eyes about to roll back into her head, Molly mumbled, "P-please, do me now, I can't stand waiting another second!!!" As the lady dropped to her knees and positioned herself between Molly's trim thighs , she asked softly, "Do you have a boy friend, dear?!?" "Yes," Molly moaned, "I have a boy friend!!!" "Do you let him put his penis inside of your vagina," the woman asked softly?!? "God, yes," she gasped, "he fucks me two or three times a week!!!" After giving Molly's pussy a long deep French kiss, the woman pulled away and asked, "Is he big, I mean does he have a large penis!?!" "H-he's fucking huge," Molly blubbered, "I love it when he rides me!!!" "Is he as good as this," the woman asked just before devouring Molly's needy organ!?! "Oh, christ alive," Molly groaned, "oh, yes, do me right there, you know just where to suck it, don't you!?!" "Of course I do," the woman whispered, "all of you young ladies have the most sensitive clits I've ever seen, and yours seems to be the most sensitive of all!!!"


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